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Linfield is a comprehensive college with a strong commitment to study in the liberal arts and sciences. The curriculum seeks to overcome intellectual provincialism, underscores the centrality of how one learns, provides a historical context, relates ideas to social structures, and affirms the importance of values in human life. The liberal arts curriculum is coherent and useful when it prepares students to seek knowledge and improve skills throughout their lives. Linfield's curriculum is designed to help people develop their full humanity, with an emphasis on freedom of mind and spirit. It also illuminates its members' shared cultural heritage, and involves students and teachers alike in the fundamental concerns upon which the future depends.

The academic program is available on a year-round calendar with 15-week fall and spring semesters, a four-week January Term, and a summer program with courses of variable duration. A typical semester course load for a student is 12-16 credits.

The student's program of studies will include courses in four categories:

  • general education
  • major study in an area of interest
  • electives providing variety and stimulation
  • paracurricular courses with a practical activity-centered orientation.