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Post-Baccalaureate Online Accounting Certificate

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At Linfield College Online and Continuing Education, our online accounting program is designed to open doors to greater opportunities and higher salaries.

Employment Opportunities

An online accounting certificate from Linfield College Online and Continuing Education can help students excel in any number of positions in both the public and private sectors of accounting. Someone interested in the private sector may pursue a career as a certified public or management accountant, budget or credit analyst, or financial or tax examiner. Another option is to work for the government, either in an office as a tax preparer or revenue agent, or out in the field as an auditor or collector. Because these jobs tend to deal with sensitive financial issues, great communication skills and a close eye for detail are essential for certified accountants.

Who Should Enroll

If you are interested in non-profit and government accounting, public accounting, or corporate accounting, then this program is for you. Alumni of Linfield College Online and Continuing Education differ in age and background, and come from all over the world. An online certification is ideal for anyone who has trouble fitting classes in with a full-time job or family life. Ambitious and career-minded students who prefer to self-manage their time should apply. 

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Accounting Certificate Requirements

Prospective students must have previously attended a fully accredited college and received a bachelor's degree. While you can have a degree in any major, you are required to have taken Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting or transferable equivalents. Anyone lacking these two courses can take them during the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Linfield also offers a complete degree in accounting.

Couses offered include:

  • BNAC 361 Intermediate Accounting I / 4 credits
  • BNAC 362 Intermediate Accounting II / 4 credits
  • BNAC 461 Cost Accounting / 4 credits
  • BNAC 466 Advanced Accounting / 4 credits
  • BNAC 468 Federal Income Tax / 4 credits
  • BNAC 469 Auditing / 4 credits

Why Choose Linfield College?

Linfield is a fully accredited college known for its welcoming environment and dedicated staff. Upon enrollment, each student receives a personal academic advisor whose job it is to facilitate customized academic planning and access to financial aid advice that fits the individual. Through the affordable online program, students also gain access to skilled tutors and the university's excellent library for top-notch research. With so many tools and support services at their disposal, students can receive a unique and comprehensive educational experience.

I Would Like to Find Out More Information. What is the Next Step?

Advance your career now through online courses from Linfield College Online and Continuing Education. Those interested can easily contact us to find out more information about the online accounting certificate or any of our programs. Linfield representatives can also be reached by phone at 503.883.2346.