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Chapter 6: Support Services

1. Financial Aid

Students who have been admitted to the Division of Continuing Education may apply for financial aid. Students who do not have 60 or more transferable credits must have a high school diploma or equivalent. Financial aid is available for summer, fall and spring semesters as summer is the beginning of each academic year. Eligibility for all types of financial aid is determined by completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the Linfield Application for Financial Aid (LAFA), and the student’s Academic Plan. A student’s financial aid award is based on the FAFSA information and the amount of credits on the Academic Plan. The financial aid award may be revised if there is a change in the student’s enrollment. The following financial aid programs are available to DCE students.

Federal Pell Grant Program

The Federal Pell Grant Program awards money directly from the federal government to eligible undergraduate students. Students are notified of their eligibility when they receive the Student Aid Report (SAR). The amount of the grant is determined by the number of hours enrolled and federal funding levels.

Oregon Opportunity Grant Program

This grant is administered on a need basis by the Oregon Student Access Commission and is available to Oregon resident undergraduate students who are enrolled at least half time. Half time is defined as at least 6 semester credits each during Fall and Spring semesters. Eligibility is determined from the Oregon Student Access Commission.

Federal Stafford Loan Program (Subsidized and Unsubsidized)

Eligible students enrolled at least half-time may borrow long-term, low-interest loans from the Federal Direct Loan Program. Freshmen are eligible for a maximum loan amount of $5500; sophomores $6500; juniors and seniors $7500. Students who are considered independent by federal regulations (see FAFSA instructions) may be eligible for an additional unsubsidized loan: $4000 for freshmen/sophomores and $5000 for juniors/seniors. Federal Direct Subsidized Stafford Loans are available to students who show financial need by government guidelines. Interest will be paid by the federal government while students maintain at least half-time enrollment status. In order to maintain loan deferment status, students must complete 6 credits during Fall semester and 6 during Spring semester. Summer and Winter terms do not affect eligibility for loan deferment. Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loans are available to students who do not show financial need by government guidelines. Students may defer both the principal and interest payment of their unsubsidized loans while enrolled in at least 6 credits per semester.

Adult Degree Program Scholarships

Alumni and friends of Linfield College’s Adult Degree Program have generously donated funds to establish scholarships specifically for students in the program. Awards are based on academic merit and financial need and do not require repayment. If a student is already receiving financial aid, the award will be made in the context of the whole financial aid package. The overall award cannot surpass need, but most financial aid recipients have need that is not met by other forms of financial aid. Students may receive one of the scholarships only one time.

Application Deadlines: August 30 for fall semester award. January 31 for spring semester award.

Financial aid disbursements

Financial aid disbursements will be applied to your student account upon acceptance of your financial aid award, completion of all paperwork, confirmation of your enrollment by the census date of each semester and regular and substantive interaction in each of your courses. You must be enrolled in at least 6 credits each semester to receive your Federal Direct Stafford Loan funds.

Application Procedure

To apply for financial aid, you must complete the following:

  1. The Linfield Application for Financial Aid (LAFA).
  2. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Linfield College’s Title IV code is 003198.
  3. Academic plan filed by your advisor. This form will be sent to the Financial Aid Office by your advisor once complete.

You may download all the necessary forms from the Adult Degree Program/Financial Aid website. For further information, call 888-471-2225 or 503-883-2225.

Students at Linfield College are eligible for financial aid regardless of race, sex, age, or marital status in compliance with Title IX requirements.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

You are required to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Linfield College is mandated to qualitatively and quantitatively evaluate the academic progress of financial aid recipients. The standard is cumulative and includes all periods of enrollment, even those in which you did not receive financial assistance. All 35 financial aid is awarded with the understanding that you will maintain SAP. Linfield monitors SAP annually for programs longer than a year. In order for you to maintain SAP you must:

  1. Qualitative Standard: You must have a grade point average which meets the minimum requirements for continuation of study at Linfield. You are expected to maintain at least a 2.00 cumulative grade point average (GPA).
  2. Quantitative Standard: You must earn the minimum number of credits for each academic year based on your enrollment status. For example, full-time requires completion of 24 credits successfully for two semesters (12 credits per semester), half-time requires completion of 12 credits successfully for two semesters (6 credits per semester).

  3. Max Time Frame: You must complete all degree requirements within a specified time frame.Mmatriculated students are eligible to receive federal financial aid for a maximum of 150% of the time required to complete a degree or certificate program. Examples: (a) A minimum of 125 credits are required to earn a baccalaureate degree. The maximum number of credits for which a student may be eligible to receive federal financial aid is 187.5 (125 x 150%). (b) A minimum of 24 credits are required to earn a certificate. The maximum number of credits for which a student may be eligible to receive federal financial aid is 36 (24 x 150%).

  4. Pace: You must maintain pace. Pace is measured annually and is required to ensure you complete your program of study within the maximum time frame. Pace is calculated by dividing cumulative credits successfully completed by cumulative credits attempted. For example: Cumulative Credits Successfully Completed _______ ÷ Cumulative Credits Attempted__________ = ___________%. (Example: 56 ÷ 70 = 80%) Students must have an overall completion rate of 66.67% or more or financial aid is suspended. In the event you do not meet SAP you will be placed on Financial Aid Suspension and are no longer eligible for financial aid. The Office of Financial Aid will notify you of your status to your Linfield College email and by mailing a letter to your home address.

Appealing Financial Aid Suspension

If you fail to achieve SAP requirements you are given the opportunity to appeal the suspension of your financial aid. The appeal letter must be in writing to the attention of the Office of Financial Aid with documentation of the extenuating circumstances. Extenuating circumstances that may be considered include: personal illness or accident, serious illness or death within immediate family, or other circumstances beyond your immediate control. The appeal letter must include 1) the reason why you failed to make SAP, and 2) what has changed that will allow you to make SAP at the next evaluation. You are notified of the appeal decision to your Linfield College email account and to your home address, all decisions are final. An appeal that is approved allows you to receive one semester of financial aid on Financial Aid Probation status. After Financial Aid Probation, you must be making SAP or successfully following an academic plan.

Re-establishing Financial Aid Eligibility

If you have been placed on Financial Aid Suspension you can reestablish Financial Aid eligibility. If you do not submit an appeal or are denied an appeal you must, without the benefit of financial aid, successfully complete at least 6 credits in one semester with a semester GPA of 2.00 for reinstatement. You may then reapply by written appeal to request financial aid for the following semester. You may view the full Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy on our website at

2. Textbooks

Textbooks may be purchased online from the Linfield College Bookstore for all DCE classes

3. Library Services

As DCE students at Linfield College, you have access to the same library services and resources that are available to our residential students. When you are admitted to Linfield Adult Degree Program, you will receive notification from the central DCE office on how to obtain your Student Photo ID Card. This Photo ID will contain a library barcode, which will give you full library borrowing privileges. With your CatNet ID and password you will be able to search for and request books and media online from many academic libraries through our Linfield Search box on the Linfield Libraries homepage. You will also be able to access our research databases with your Linfield CatNet ID and password to search for articles that you will need for your class research topics. If the articles are not full text online, you can request copies of them from Linfield, if we own the print journals, or request them online through Interlibrary Loan. Today’s libraries go beyond the physical library walls to bring resources to researchers, which is a huge advantage for DCE students doing research far from their college library. Linfield belongs to the Orbis Cascade Alliance that makes it possible to search for and request books and other items online from over 35 academic libraries in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

Check out our libraries’ homepage. You will also want to check the ADP/DCE Services link on the library home page for information about and web links to your local libraries and how to access and use the library services available to DCE students from Linfield’s libraries. The Research Tips and Bite Size Tutorials links provide information about using the Linfield College Libraries’ home page to do your academic research.

Not only do you have the resources of our two campus libraries, Nicholson Library in McMinnville and our Portland Campus library, but because of library agreements, you also may use community college libraries, public libraries, and college or university libraries in your area. Students are responsible for the books and other materials they borrow. Charges for overdue and lost books will be billed to the student’s account.

Carol McCulley is the Reference and Distance Learning Librarian for Linfield DCE students. She is available to teach library instruction classes, offer research help to students individually by phone, e-mail, online classes, or in person, and to supply research materials available at the Linfield libraries. You may contact Carol by

phone: 800-452-4176 ext. 2595 (daytime M-F) 503-883-2595 (daytime and voice mail)
fax: 503-883-2566

4. Learning Support Services

When necessary, students with documented learning disabilities may petition the Academic Support Committee for substitution of courses required for graduation. This process is not automatic, nor is it always deemed appropriate. Students who intend to make such a request must notify both the Director of Learning Support Services and the Associate Registrar for DCE no later than the completion of 45 credits. Complete documentation including the diagnosis of the student’s condition and its attendant educational implications must be filed with the Director of Learning Support Services prior to the request. Students with documented disabilities requiring classroom accommodation should register with Learning Support services within the first two weeks of each semester, or the fist two days of January Term.

5. Online Academic Tutoring

The Adult Degree Program at Linfield College has joined the Western eTutoring Consortium to give our students access to online academic tutoring in math, writing, and other subject areas. As a Linfield College student who is registered for classes in the Adult Degree Program, you have access to online tutoring services at no additional charge. As a member of the Western eTutoring Consortium, each college provides experienced academic tutors who work with students online to help you improve your performance in your courses. The benefit of having many colleges collaborating is that you have more hours during the week and weekend when you can receive eTutoring assistance. Tutoring may be asynchronous and in real time. You may log in for this service from either the Adult Degree Program “Current Students” page, or from your Blackboard classroom.

6. Veterans’ Policies and Procedures

Linfield’s degree and certificate program throughout the state of Oregon is approved by the Oregon Department of Education’s State Approving Agency and the VA for enrollment of persons eligible to receive educational benefits under Title 38 and Title 10, U.S. Code. The Certifying Officials are located in Melrose Hall, 012, Registrar’s office. You may use the toll free number (800- 456-4172) and ask to be transferred to the Registrar’s office.

Students should let Linfield know they are a Veteran on the registration form. To assist the Certifying Official in the certification process, the following official paperwork is requested:

Chapter 1606, 1607, Active duty reserves; Chapter 35 or 30:

Either form 22-1990, Application For VA Education Benefits or form 22-1995, Request for Change of Program or Place of Training (if they have received benefits while attending a different school). These two forms can be found on the VA web site,

Chapter 31:

Form 28-1905, Authorization and Certification of Entrance or Reentrance into Rehabilitation and Certification of Status. This form is issued by the student’s VA counselor.

Chapter 33:

Certificate of Eligibility issued by the VA which includes eligibility percentage.

When registration is complete, the Certifying Official will submit the Enrollment Certification to the Veteran’s Administration in Muskogee.

Students taking courses at Linfield and another institution concurrently, must contact the Veteran’s Certifying Official at the other institution and ask that they send an email to the Certifying Official at Linfield to ask if the courses will transfer to Linfield and apply to the student’s program. Linfield will, then, respond appropriately.

Payment for registration of courses depends upon the chapter:

  • Chapter 30, 35, 1606 or 1607: Payment is due upon registration
  • Chapter 31: Linfield will bill the VA directly
  • Chapter 33: VA pays Linfield directly based upon Certification

Certification occurs early in each semester or term. If your registration changes, or if you withdraw completely, please contact the Certifying Official as soon as possible. Your benefit entitlement may also change. If you change your major, you must complete form 22-1995, Request for Change of Program or Place of Training, and send it to the Certifying Official.

For more information:

Veterans’ Certification Officer
Linfield College
Registrar’s Office
900 SE Baker St, A446
McMinnville, OR 97128
800-452-4176 or 503-883-883-2597

7. CatNet Accounts

Linfield students must set up a Linfield CatNet account. This account gives you access to your online classes, to the computer labs and libraries of the McMinnville and Portland campuses, to your grades and transcript and to online research databases through the library. This account also creates an email account that can be accessed through your own email system or through the web. Your CatNet account will remain active as long as you remain a current student. You can set up your account online.

When filling out the request for an account, be sure to select DCE as your campus (regardless of where you attend) and Student as your account type. You may also use this page to access our online library resources and WebAdvisor. Important notices will be sent only to your Linfield College email (WebMail). Check your Linfield email regularly. Linfield does not provide internet access off campus.